FORCE PRO Referee / Linesman Officiating Pant

FORCE PRO Referee / Linesman Officiating Pant

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Force Pro-Officiating Pant is made from the same proprietary woven fabric as the PTX Protective Pant and incorporates all of its technical features. Engineered to exceed the demands of professional athletes.


TEFLON fabric protector with moisture management: Helps activewear transport perspiration away and resist staining. Bonded to each individual fiber of the fabric, it forms an invisible, durable finish that stops stains and absorbs perspiration, spreading it out for more effective evaporation.

Lock-Stitch construction: The innovative lock-stitch weave will not fray and resists cuts and pulls.

Flexible and lightweight: Pioneered for enhanced performance, lighter than back-coated nylons and remains flexible in lower temperatures.

Airflow: With no back coating needed to hold the fibers together, air flow is maximized, keeping the athlete cool, comfortable and dry.