About Us

Officials Equipment – Created by Officials, for Officials.

The owner started playing hockey at the young age of 5 and has been in love with the game ever since. He has transitioned from player to official in 2012 to help make the game fair and teach the rules to all ages. This is an important aspect of every sport and one in which the owner is very passionate about. The company planted its roots in Memphis, Tennessee in 2015 where there was no retail store specific to hockey equipment, let alone official’s equipment. Since nothing catered to the official’s needs, he created Official’s Equipment, LLC. Using his merchandising knowledge, love of the game, and customer service skills combined with high quality products, the Owner of Officials Equipment strives to exceed the expectations of fellow officials and gain life-long customers.

Not sure what to buy? Shoot us an email or give us a call and we will suggest products for you: sales@officialsequipment.com, 662-408-4936.